investment philosophy

Crawford Lake Capital's investment philosophy is based upon three separate but interconnected concepts.
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Hybrid Fundamental and Technical Analysis. We utilize a hybrid investment approach, combining both fundamental and technical analysis in a manner intended to produce superior risk-adjusted returns, maintain a low volatility profile, and position the strategy to perform well regardless of market conditions.

Active & Opportunistic Trading. We combine disciplined trade execution with active, nimble portfolio management in a method expected to limit losses.
Risk Management. We employ a unique risk management approach to mitigate potential losses and lower overall volatility, that includes investing in highly liquid securities, maintaining a large cash position, avoiding earnings risks, and applying position and industry exposure limits.

Crawford Lake Capital’s strategy is to focus on identifying and investing in securities where corporate fundamentals and technical indicators are aligned such that price action, either positive or negative, is sustainable.

Our strategy is unique due to its combination of fundamental analysis with a strong focus on technicals, high degree of liquidity, large cash exposure, active trading activity, and avoidance of earnings risk.
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